Jargon File

Those of you that deal with IT and other techie stuff might be interested to know that there is a dictionary for you – the Jargon File, which can be located at http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/. The file is basically a wiki that has been edited and amended over a few decades. I was just reviewing it tonight, and saw that the entry for the word ‘kluge’, which is something that works for the wrong reason, includes a definition from my college WPI. The WPI addition for the word ‘kluge’ is a feature that is implemented in a rude manner. The Jargon File is rife with entries for words that are common within the community.

Beyond the definitions, the Jargon File includes explanations of the ‘hacker’ culture, including what they typically eat, how they dress, and what their sensibilities tend to be. Interesting read if you ask me, though not a narrative for the most part and therefore not amenable to a read through in one sitting. Check it out…

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