Practice Areas

We often handle complex divorce and custody matters, involving significant assets, debts, and children of all ages. We have had juvenile clients and represented them in abuse/neglect matters as well as guardianships and related matters. If you think that you have a family situation that is overly complex or that is unique, we can all but assure you that such situations are much more common than you imagine.

If you have a question about termination of parental rights or adoption, we routinely handle such cases. These cases can be especially stressful but are not as straight forward as you may think. For example, biology does not always carry the day in the case of a parent – we have had cases where are party is considered a parent even when there is no biological connection with the child but a psychological connection instead.

Our firm represents a broad range of criminal clients and works alongside other attorneys in criminal matters that may be related to domestic or family matters. For example, parties charged with certain assault crimes wherein the alleged victim is a present or former intimate partner may also find themselves in the family courts having to respond to a Domestic Violence petition. In such cases, it helps to have competent representation in both the criminal matter and the related family matter. Often times, parties in such situations prioritize the criminal charge and pay less attention to the Domestic Violence matter. The result is often that a restraining order issues against that party, the results of which can be staggering, such as loss or severe restriction on parenting time, confiscation of fire arms, and a near permanent record of the incident.

We also handle personal injury matters – big and small. Our injured clients should not be handling claims of legal liability on their own. Attorney David Greene has noticed that often times insurance companies can be overbearing and will push the envelope with respect to what they should be doing. Face it – insurance companies make money by denying claims, and they will assess any facts that will help them even delay paying out a claim, because at the very least they make a bit more interest on the money that is sitting in their bank accounts.

If you have an intellectual property question, our affiliated law firm, LikelyConfusion, PLLC, can help you with that. Copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets can be confusing even for lawyers, as they are somewhat complicated areas of the law that are often closely related with technology and popular culture. LikelyConfusion, PLLC has represented inventors and other entrepreneurs, including local musicians, graphic designers, business owners, and web designers, both in New Hampshire and outside.

We also handle wills, trusts, and estates, powers of attorney for healthcare or finances, living wills and advanced directives, and almost any other issue that you may have.