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One of the first steps in an intellectual property strategy is registration, which makes subsequent steps easier to take.


At some point, it will likely become necessary to enforce your rights, either to prevent or put an end to unauthorized uses.


Intellectual property is a commodity. It can be bundled up and monetized, which is easier to do if you have a strategy.

Types of Intellectual Property

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Usually I hear the cover before the original

Reboots are common – everywhere and every medium. It’s like content makers have run out of original ideas and glibly remake things that have already been done. Closely related to the reboot is the superfluous sequel, titled that way because there are too many of them – like the Saw movies, or because it is

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My media apogee

I think my consumption of media peaked when I was in college and constantly downloading. I could just think of something, type it in nearly correctly, and own it. Some things, I would just download for the hell of it – perhaps I would listen to that discography and perhaps not. Maybe I would just

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Musical Cultural Relevance is Cyclical

Today is a big day. We have a new president elect, Donald J Trump. The Donald’s ability to prevail in this election got me thinking while I was at the gym earlier listening to Elvis Costello. I was playing the song “Oliver’s Army”, which is about a man named Oliver Lyttelton, who was Winston Churchill’s

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Legendary Unicorns

Throughout my life, I have had many collections – pogs, Magic cards, baseball cards, comics, etc. With all of these collections, certain sets or items in these sets are rarer than others. Often, words are applied to describe this rarity, like common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. On one end of the spectrum are the common

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Real world resources in video games

A lot of us play video games – some more than others. With the explosion of smart phones in the last decade, many games have been created to bring the experience to phone users that were not game players. Facebook and other social networks also realized the value in incorporating video games so that casual

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I don’t want music I like to become popular

I was listening to Faction a couple days ago. Faction is a satellite radio station that plays contemporary alternative “rock” music. That evening, there was an artist playing his own music along with some songs live. I loved it. I started thinking, “this is great” and “I can’t wait to show it to other people”.

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According to Wikipedia, Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.[1][2] In their most general form these activities include the production of works of art, the criticism of art, the

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Stranger Things – A theory

Like many of you, I binge watched the first season of Stranger Things. Hopefully this show does better than some of the other Netflix produced shows in its subsequent seasons (idk about you, but I did not like Bojack Horseman much after the first season, Orange is the New Black lost its edge after the

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Putting the ‘yes’ in nostalgic

Everyone loves Pokemon Go – except the people who vitriolically hate it. Those people are likely to say things about how lazy the augmented reality game players are, even though the game nearly literally forces people to get out and walk. Pokemon Go is the second game from Niantic Labs. The first game, Ingress, was

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Root, root, root, for the home base

Video games are huge. Most recently/notably is Pokemon Go, an augmented reality smartphone game using the license of the popular card game and tv show of the mid to late nineties. This game is so popular that it even transcends generations – when my girlfriend and I were walking around catching the in-game creatures at

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Songs with substance tend to survive longer

References – everyone likes them. Well, not everyone. Some people just want simplicity. Or maybe most people want simplicity at least some of the time. But at leas some people like references at least some of the time, and references give things staying power. This point I think is best made with the example of

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Latency in games despite endless resources

Yesterday, I wanted to play some Overwatch on a PS4 I got a while ago to play in my spare time, which is not often. When I do play, I sometimes have to plan my sessions, though the spontaneous games are the best – when you and your several friends just happen to be online

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Doves are crying

Prince died today. I used to listen to his music a lot when I was younger. His passing is certainly a loss to the music community. He was bold. In 2000, he famously changed his name to a symbol, and would be referred to in writing as “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince”. What a

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What type of zombies are in The Walking Dead?

Zombies are popular. They have been at or near their zenith for a few years now. Movies like Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and now TV shows like The Walking Dead, have made zombies incredibly popular. What was once a horrific nighmarish creature is now shown in prime time, and while

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Reverse confusion, with acronyms, that you can’t do anything about

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Reverse confusion is a type of trademark infringement that occurs where there are two users of similar marks, each selling related goods or services. Reverse confusion is the opposite of forward confusion. So what is forward confusion? Typically, a junior user of a mark will be stopped in the name of the law by a

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Software as a service

Years ago, when I first started playing games on my computer – maybe around 1992 or so, it was almost clear as day that you owned your games. You would get one or more floppy disks to install the game, and if you wanted to sell it, you could transfer the game by transferring the

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The Homage: Video versus music

Wikipedia defines an ‘homage’ as “a show or demonstration of respect or dedication to someone or something, sometimes by simple declaration but often by some more oblique reference, artistic or poetic. The term is often used in the arts for where one author or artist shows respect to another by allusion or imitation”. It occurs

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We all have different memories

We all have movies that we loved as children. Thanks to on demand services such as Netflix, cable tv, Hulu, and others, we can often find these movies and relive our childhood. I’ve done this before with many movies. Sometimes, when I watch the movie, I notice that some of the dialogue is slightly other

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